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Rules For Sale/Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages


• anyone selling alcoholic beverages must be 21 or older.


• No alcoholic beverages sold to persons under the age of 21 yrs. Identification and proof of age is required when age of purchaser is in question.


• Check ID on every person appearing to be 30 years of age or younger every time they purchase alcohol.


• The same purchaser may purchase no more than two alcoholic drinks at one time.


• No alcoholic beverage is to be sold to any person who shows signs of obvious or apparent intoxication.


• In any situation of potential difficulty or troublesome behavior, BE FIRM, POLITE and don’t hesitate to request the assistance from the on-premises Police Department Officer: Sergeant Woodard: *insert phone number here*.


• Volunteers are responsible for enforcing the policies of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). You will be held personally liable ($4,000 or up to one year in jail) if you serve alcohol to a minor. You are personally responsible for asking anyone thought to be 30 yrs or younger to show their ID every time you serve them alcohol. Failure to ensure compliance may jeopardize the issuance of permits for future events and could subject volunteers to possible criminal violation. Please be aware that under cover TABC agents or officers will likely be present during the event to monitor compliance with these requirements.


• Do not serve alcohol to a minor even in the presence of a parent or other adult guardian. • Do not consume alcohol during your shift at Art in the Square.


• Do not give away free drinks to anyone at any time.


• A valid photo ID is required. Things to look for to determine a valid ID:

      1. Identification must have of a photograph of the purchaser

      2. Acceptable forms of government issued IDs:

         • Texas driver’s license (paper ID not accepted)

         • Government issued identification card • US passport • Military ID 3. Make sure the ID has not                      expired


• Do not accept out of state I.D. from persons who appear to be younger than 21 years old.


• Make sure the picture on the ID matches the person. While looking at the ID ask them to state their height, weight, address and date of birth.


• Look at the back of the I.D. card DO NOT accept any cards that have misspelled words or say:

         • Not a government document

         • Issued by Department of identification

         • For novelty use only

         • Misspelled wording


• If you are unsure, ask for a second form of ID with a picture or ask for assistance from the tent captain or other beverage committee member.


• How to refuse service:

         • Be Quick

         • Be Clear and Firm

         • Be Consistent

                   "I’m sorry, I cannot sell this to you" 

                   "I’m sorry, it is against the law for me to sell alcohol to you right now" 

                   "We could both get into legal trouble if I sell this to you" 

                   "Can I get you something else?" 

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